We harness the sun!

Solcan, based in London, Ontario, is a leader in the Canadian solar industry. It manufactures specialized solar equipment such as flat-plate solar collectors and heat exchangers and has supplied solar hot water systems for installation across Canada and in various sites overseas. Solcan has a reputation for quality and reliable products which has been earned over the years since it was founded in 1975 and we strive to maintain this reputation. Solcan specializes in providing turnkey solar projects for various commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications. Initially Solcan was focused on solar heating but in recent years has also done a number of grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaic (solar electric) systems. Solcan is an authorized dealer for various related energy products. We have pre-packaged system for residential domestic hot water heating as well as pre-engineered systems for small commercial. Solcan systems have been designed with reliability in mind.

Solcan Corporate Brochure